Friday, December 31, 2010

NFL 2010: Week 17 Picks

Carolina Panthers (+14) at Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons all of a sudden, face a must-win game. They might lose the No.1 seed with a loss combined with a Bears win and/or the Saints win. Look for them to crush the Panthers at home.
Outright Win: Falcons
v/s the Spread: Falcons (-14)

Pittsburgh Steelers (-5.5) at Cleveland Browns
Another must-win game for the Steelers here. A Steelers win here gives them the No.2 seed. A Steelers loss combined with a Ravens win puts them out of the top 4 seeds in the AFC.
Outright Win: Steelers
v/s the Spread: Steelers (-5.5)

Minnesota Vikings (+3) at Detroit Lions
The Vikings did have a upset win over the Eagles last week. Joe Webb looked good for a game, but will it carry over to the next game. Before we even think of that, will he even play this week, with Brett Favre back at practice? The Lions on the other hand are red-hot, with three straight wins (two of them on the road).
Outright Win: Lions
v/s the Spread: Lions (-3)

Miami Dolphins (+4.5) at New England Patriots
The Dolphins on the road against a Patriots team that has nothing to gain from a win here. Considering the Welker injury in Week 17 last year when the Patriots had nothing to play for, this seems like a text book "rest your starters" game. But, this is still a Bill Belichik coached team, with competitive Tom Brady running the offense. I will be surprised if the Pats starters are taken off before the 4th quarter.
Outright Win: Patriots
v/s the Spread: Patriots (-4.5)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+7.5) at New Orleans Saints
The Saints' win here will help them only if the Falcons lose. Since both teams play at the same time, there is no way the Saints will know the Falcons' game result. So they will have to play hard to win here, just in case.
Outright Win: Saints
v/s the Spread: Saints (-7.5)

Buffalo Bills (+8) at NY Jets
The Jets might rest a lot of starters this week. The Bills have been good at covering the spread all season long. This week, they might even have an outright win.
Outright Win: Bills
v/s the Spread: Bills (+8)

Cincinnati Bengals (+9.5) at Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens might want to have a win here, just in case the Steelers lose. On the other hand, the Bengals seem rejuvenated on offense without their two biggest star WRs.
Outright Win: Ravens
v/s the Spread: Bengals (+9.5)

Jacksonville Jaguars (+3) at Houston Texans
The Jaguars need a win, coupled with a Colts loss to make the playoffs. The already daunting task just got harder with Jones-Drew and Gerrard out for the game. The Texans, as usual will get close to their yearly .500 record.
Outright Win: Texans
v/s the Spread: Texans (-3)

NY Giants (-4) at Washington Redskins
The Giants are in deep you know what. Now they will have to take care of business against the Redskins and then hope for the Packers to lose. The Redskins seem to be riding that Rex Grossman shot in their arms. And it just might carry over this week.
Outright Win: Redskins
v/s the Spread: Redskins (+4)

Dallas Cowboys (+10) at Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles have nothing to play for. So they will rest most of their starters and possibly rest Vick too. that gives the Cowboys a good chance to pull one off here to pad their season wins count.
Outright Win: Cowboys
v/s the Spread: Cowboys (+10)

Arizona Cardinals (+6) at San Francisco 49ers
Can the 49ers ride this season's interim coach mojo this week in a utterly meaningless NFC West show down?
Outright Win: 49ers
v/s the Spread: 49ers (-6)

Tennessee Titans (+9.5) at Indianapolis Colts
If the Colts win; they are in. Fisher's last game as the Titan's coach will be one to forget; like this season for the team.
Outright Win: Colts
v/s the Spread: Colts (-9.5)

San Diego Chargers (-3.5) at Denver Broncos
The Chargers have been eliminated from the playoffs. First time since Norv Turner and Phil Rivers have been under control. The Broncos are excited to have Tebow under Center, as they should be. He seems to be a Gamer.
Outright Win: Chargers
v/s the Spread: Broncos (+3.5)

St Louis Rams (-3) at Seattle Seahawks
Now, for the mighty NFC West Championship game. Home game for the Seahawks, but they will either start a beaten up Matt Hasselback or an inexperienced Charlie Whitehurst. While the Rams, will have to start their rookie QB on the road for a playoff-type game. Advantage: nobody!
Outright Win: Rams
v/s the Spread: Rams (+3)

Upset Special of the Week

Oakland Raiders (+3.5) at Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs are one of those teams this week that has nothing to play for. I expect the Raiders to come out blazing against the Chiefs second and third string guys.
Outright Win: Raiders
v/s the Spread: Raiders (+3)

Homer Pick of the Week

Chicago Bears (+10) at Green Bay Packers

The Bears may not have any direct playoff implications to make them play hard this game. But the fact that it is against the Packers, gives them a two-fold reason to knock of the Packers. First, deny the Packers a shot at the playoffs, and also to sweep the NFC North for the season.

Even if the Bears play at full strength, their defense is very much like the Giants Defense, who the Packers dismantled last week. Key would be to hold off the Bears pass rush and give just enough time for Rodgers to toy with the Bears secondary. The Jets, in their loss to the Bears last week, showed how the Bears defense is susceptible to those quick slants and intermediate passing; incidentally, that plays into the dog house of the McCarthy offense. And the Packers defense should be fine doing just what they have been doing all season long.

Outright Win: Packers
v/s the Spread: Packers (-10)

Last Week:
Outright Win Record:9-7
v/s the Spread Record: 9-7

Year to Date:
Outright Win Record: 149-91
v/s the Spread Record: 113-112-8
Upset Picks Year to Date:
Outright Win Record: 8-8
v/s the Spread Record: 12-4


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