Thursday, December 9, 2010

NFL 2010: Week 14 Picks

Indianapolis Colts (-4) at Tennessee Titans
Will Manning Face make another appearance this week? Even if it does, I think the Colts have enough to take care of business against a Titans team that is in free-fall.
Outright Win: Colts
v/s the Spread:  Colts (-4)

Oakland Raiders (+4) at Jacksonville Jaguars
A West coast team playing an early game in the east coast? 'nuff said.
Outright Win: Jaguars
v/s the Spread: Jaguars (-4)
Cincinnati Bengals (+8.5) at Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers managed to scrape out a win against divisional foe Ravens last week. They have another divisional match up to look forward to this week. The Bengals may be one of the worst teams in the league, but the spread is too big to lay the points in a divisional match up.
Outright Win: Steelers
v/s the Spread: Bengals (+8.5)

Cleveland Browns (+1) at Bufallo Bills
The Bills after covering week after week, lost a bad one last week. I think they will bounce back and cover this one in spite of being the favorites. It also will help their cause if Delhomme keeps starting for the Browns.
Outright Win: Bills
v/s the Spread: Bills (-1)

New York Giants (-2.5) at Minnesota Vikings
Will 'he' or won't 'he' start? Either way, its up to Adrian Peterson to take over and run the Vikings offense. The Giants might also have to do the same, with so many of their receivers on the injury list.
Outright Win: Giants
v/s the Spread: Giants (-2.5)

Atlanta Falcons (-7.5) at Carolina Panthers
One of the better teams in the league against one of, if not the, worst team(s) in the league. The Falcons will have to win in a blow out here though to keep their aura up.
Outright Win: Falcons
v/s the Spread: Falcons (-7.5)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2) at Washington Redskins
The Bucs might be feisty young team. But they had a couple of injury blows this week that could hurt them real bad (especially the loss of Aquib Talib). Still, they should have enough to take care of business against the Redskins.
Outright Win: Bucs
v/s the Spread: Bucs (-2)

St Louis Rams (+9) at New Orleans Saints
The Saints are right behind the Falcons in their division. Waiting for the Falcons to miss a beat ans make that tiny slip so that they can swoop in to take the lead in the division. Not going to happen this week. They will have their hands full to take care of business against the young Rams.
Outright Win: Saints
v/s the Spread: Rams (+9)

Seattle Seahawks (+5.5) at San Francisco 49ers 
How in the world are the 49ers favored by so many points? Just because the Seahawks are on the road? Maybe....
Outright Win: 49ers
v/s the Spread: 49ers (-5.5)

New England Patriots (-3) at Chicago Bears
Tricky game for the Patriots. After a big MNF win they go into Soldier Field and have to play in (expected) blizzard conditions. Would not surprise me if it was a let down game for them. Only thing that makes me not make it a lock is that this team is coached by Bellichik.
Outright Win: Patriots
v/s the Spread: Patriots (-3)

Miami Dolphins (+5.5) at New York Jets
Rex Ryan will have his team ready to play this week. And they will get enough help from Chad Henne to seal the deal.
Outright Win: Jets
v/s the Spread: Jets (-5.5)

Denver Broncos (-5.5) at Arizona Cardinal
Probably the worst game of the week. Wonder, how long it is going to be, before the Broncos fans and organization repent the firing of Josh McDaniels? Not this week, they will ride the interim coach phenomenon that's rocking the league this year. PS: There is a $100 cash reward for anyone who can name the starter at QB for the Cardinals.
Outright Win: Broncos
v/s the Spread: Broncos (-5.5)

Kansas City Chiefs (+7) at San Diego Chargers
The Chiefs may not have Matt Cassell. But the biggest factor in the game for them will be how much they can run against San Diego? The Chargers could not handle the Raiders run game last week. Could we expect the same? But Norv Turner's record at San Diego in December deters me from doing that. Maybe nobody reminded that last game was played in the month of December!
Outright Win: Chargers
v/s the Spread: Chargers (-7)

Baltimore Ravens (-3) at Houston Texans
The Ravens are not as good on the field on offense as they look on paper. It should not be so hard against the weak Texans D though. Gary Kubiak, your days are numbered!
Outright Win: Ravens
v/s the Spread: Ravens (-3)

Upset Special of the Week

Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) at Dallas Cowboys
The Eagles are not firing on offense as much as they would like. The Cowboys are playing inspired football at the moment. Not gonna get any easier for the Eagles against their NFC East foe.
Outright Win: Cowboys
v/s the Spread: Cowboys (+3.5)

Homer Pick of the Week

Green Bay Packers (-7) at Detroit Lions
Trailing the Bears by a game, every game here on is as close as it can get to a "must-win" game for the Packers. The injury list just keeps piling up, while they just keep surviving week after week. If they do not get this done at Detroit, they proabbly do not deserve to make the playoffs at all.
Outright Win: Packers
v/s the Spread: Packers (-7)

Last Week:
Outright Win Record: 10-6
v/s the Spread Record: 7-9

Year to Date:
Outright Win Record: 119-73
v/s the Spread Record: 89-91-8
Upset Picks Year to Date:
Outright Win Record: 6-7
v/s the Spread Record: 9-4

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