Sports Personalities Rap (via DJ Porter)

Favre's (In)Decsion!

Here's Brett Favre trying to make a decision... doesn't get funnier than this!

Blake Griffin "Dunks on 'erbody"

Watch and hear Blake Griffin "Dunk on 'erbody" (in his own voice):

It's never too late to jump on the Blake Griffin band wagon. He is single-handedly bringing back to prominence the Clippers...oh wait... scratch that.... its your NEW 'Blakers'!

Infamous Sports Rants: Allan Iverson, Jim Mora, Denny Green, TO among others

For all sports fans who love sport rants gone south, this piece by DJ Steve Porter will make your day. It stars AI's "practice" rant. Special appearances by Denny Green's "they were who we thought they were" meltdown and Jim Mora's "playoofs?" rant. Also roles played by OSU coach Mike Gundy, TO ("my QB!") and Joe Namath trying to make a move on Suzy Kolber!

Just too funny!

Again, via DJ Steve Porter.