Super Bowl Champions Green Bay Packers: Media Blitz 2011

Aaron Rodgers on Ellen: Sneak Peek

Aaron Rodgers on Ellen will air tomorrow (3/22). Here's a sneak peek of the interview:

And this just in: Aaron Rodgers has a sense of humor.

Clay Mathews on WWE

In all the media blitz by the Packers, this is the grand daddy of them all. Clay Mathews helps The Edge win his Championship title. Typical WWE style. Must watch this!

Late Night Pack: Packers doing rounds on Talk Shows this week

After their historic win at Super Bowl XLV this past Sunday, the post-game celebration still continues. Can you blame them? or their fans, a mind boggling 56,000+ of who showed up for the "Return to Titletown" at Lambeau Field on a cold cold Tuesday (It was about 8F and about -18F wind-chill at that time)?

Lots of eyes on them Packers. Lots of publicity. Lots of people want a piece of them. The Packers are more than prepared to comply. They don't want to come off cloud 9. Nor do their fans want them out of there.

Some of the Packer players have been doing rounds on the talk show circuit too. The way these guys carry themselves, makes me proud to be a Packer fan. Typical classic Packers.

Clay Mathews seems to be the most popular catch of these guys. In fact, he has been added to the list of Celebrity presenters at the Grammy Awards. Gives me a reason to watch that charade this year.

Aaron Rodgers first kicked things off with his appearance on David Letterman on Monday, capping a busy day of PR for the Super Bowl XLV MVP. He flew in to New York to tape the show on Monday after spending the early part of the day with Mickey Mouse at Disney World. Below is the video of his interview on Letterman (split into two parts). Rodgers' demeanor and poise here is so grounded. Who wouldn't want him to be their team's QB just for those attributes?

Aaron Rodgers on Letterman Part One:

Aaron Rodgers on Letterman Part Two:

Here's Clay Mathews making an appearance on Leno Wednesday night. Apart from his hair, which has been a trending topic for weeks now, he talks about the SB win, what it means to his family and his path to stardom in the NFL. Interesting part there about what he whispered into the ears of Big Ben after blocking a pass in the game.

Clay Mathews on Leno Part One:

Clay Mathews on Leno Part Two:

Greg Jennings made a short appearance on Lopez Tonight on Wednesday too. He talks about "putting the team on his back". (got to watch the video to get this reference)

Greg Jennings on Lopez Tonight: 

And the most entertaining of them all, Clay Mathews also appeared on Ellen DeGeneres. Again, apart from his hair, he talks to Ellen about ...(wait for it).... football. Go figure! Clay is a funny dude.

Clay Mathews on Ellen:

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