Friday, October 25, 2013

LVH SuperContest 2013 Trial: Week 8

I'm not even gonna try give an excuse... maybe I'm just not cut out for this.... arghhhhh!

Week 8 Super Contest odds.

And just my picks today with no explanation: (Home team in CAPS)

Pick 1: NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (-6.5) over Miami Dolphins

Pick 2: CINCINNATI BENGALS (-6.5) over NY Jets

Pick 3: Pittsburgh Steelers (-2.5) over OAKLAND RAIDERS

Pick 4: Atlanta Falcons (+2.5) over ARIZONA CARDINALS

Pick 5: Seattle Seahawks (-10.5) over ST. LOUIS RAMS


* 49ers (-16.5) over Jaguars (played in London)

* EAGLES (-5.5) over NY Giants

* PACKERS (-9.5) over Vikings

* BROWNS (+7.5) over Chiefs

* Cowboys (+3.5) over Lions

Contest Record last week: 3-2
Contest Record Year-to-date: 16-18-1

"ON THE BUBBLE" Record Year-to-date: 19-16

Thursday, October 17, 2013

LVH SuperContest 2013 Trial: Week 7

Time to pick up my slack... gonna dig in real deep here....

Week 7 Super Contest odds.

And my picks: (Home team in CAPS)

Pick 1: Denver Broncos (-6.5) over INDIANAPOLIS COLTS
I'm riding this Broncos offense to cover "less than a TD" spreads as long as .... well... it gets cold out there!

Pick 2: PITTSBURGH STEELERS (-2) over Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens are just not so good. Especially on the road. The Steelers might get on a roll here to be a player in the AFC North. Watch out!

Pick 3: Chicago Bears (+1) over WASHINGTON REDSKINS
High scoring game here. The Redskins will keep this close. The Bears have a deceivingly bad secondary that depends far too much on turnovers. Will be a fun game!

Pick 4: San Francisco 49ers (-4) over TENNESSEE TITANS
The 49ers against Ryan Fitzpatrick? And Chris Johnson is going against that run D? I really like the 49ers here... even on the road

Pick 5: San Diego Chargers (-7.5) over JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS
This spread is so attractive to pass up on. The Chargers are entering that sneaky good team zone. And the Jaguars .... meh!


* CHIEFS (-6.5) over Texans: Chiefs D vs those Texans D! Over/under on number of pick-6s this game?

* EAGLES (-3) over Cowboys: Going to be another high scoring game here. Wow these NFC East teams just hat to play D, uh?

* Patriots (-4) over JETS: Gronk or no Gronk, The Pats own the Jets. Plucky Jets might score a bit against this decimated Pats D, but Brady is not going to lose to the Jets.

* Bengals (+2.5) over LIONS: The Bengals D had a bad game against the Bills. Guess, they were just not prepared to defend the read option. Not much read option this week with the Lions. Riding the Bengals D here.

* Seahawks (-6.5) over CARDINALS: The Seahawks should win this low scoring game. Still think they win by more than a touchdown with the help of a defensive score. Hello Carson Palmer!

Contest Record last week: 1-4 
Contest Record Year-to-date: 13-16-1

"ON THE BUBBLE" Record Year-to-date: 16-14

Thursday, October 10, 2013

LVH SuperContest 2013 Trial: Week 6

Yikes!! A weekend of picks to forget.... lotta catching up to do.....

Here are the Week 5 Super Contest odds.

And my picks: (Home team in CAPS)

Pick 1: CHICAGO BEARS (-7.5) over NY Giants
The Bears seem to be motivated to get back on track after last week's loss to the Saints. Could there be a better opponent to get back on track than the Giants this year. Even if it's on a Thursday night.

Pick 2: Green Bay Packers (-2.5) over BALTIMORE RAVENS
Homer pick here. But I think the Packers should beat a slightly above average Ravens team. The Packers D are very under rated at this point. Might end up being a fairly low scoring game here.

Pick 3: CLEVELAND BROWNS (-2.5) over Detroit Lions
Yeah yeah...i know.. Brandon Weeden is starting for the Browns. But I am also betting that Detroit is not going to have Calvin Johnson this game. The Browns D might shutdown a Calvin-less Lions offense. Possibly a shut out!

Pick 4: Cincinnati Bengals (-7) over BUFFALO BILLS
The Bengals D should be able to torment Thad Lewis. Yep, I said Thad Lewis!

Pick 5: SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (+1.5) over Indianapolis Colts
Taking the Chargers at home vs a mid-west team travelling out west for a night game, with a let-down game possibility added to the equation


* JETS (-2) over Steelers: This is more of a pick against the Steelers than me liking the Jets

* Eagles (-1.5) over Bucs: Mike Glennon anybody?

* Saints (+2.5) over Patriots: The Saints are IMO the best team in the league. Give them the edge over the Broncos just because they play D.

* COWBOYS (-5.5) over Redskins: The Redskins suck!

* 49ERS (-11) over Cardinals: The Cardinals D is really good. But Carson Palmer might give the niners a few short fields to work with.

Contest Record last week: 1-4 
Contest Record Year-to-date: 12-12-1

"ON THE BUBBLE" Record Year-to-date: 13-12

Thursday, October 3, 2013

LVH SuperContest 2013 Trial: Week 5

Hanging by a thread here... at least I'm not regressing... allegedly like the Colts were supposed to.

Here are the Week 5 Super Contest odds.

And my picks: (Home team in CAPS)

Pick 1: CLEVELAND BROWNS (-4) over Buffalo Bills
The Browns are on fire. Well.... relative to way they were (0-2) and considering their spark plugs have been Brian Hoyer and Josh Gordon; yep, they are on fire. The Bills on the road? No thank you!

Pick 2: New England Patriots (+2) over CINCINNATI BENGALS
Tom Brady vs Andy Dalton! Yeah... i know my sorry ass packers (at least for that week) lost to this Bengals group on the road. Not happening against Brady and his unheralded group of plucky unrestricted free agents.

Pick 3: Seattle Seahawks (-3) over INDIANAPOLIS COLTS
I'm going to ride these Seahawks on the road 'less than a FG' lines. Let down game for the Colts comes a week later than everyone expected.

Pick 4: Denver Broncos (-7.5) over DALLAS COWBOYS
The Broncos offense can't be run any more efficiently than how Peyton Manning is doing it at the moment. Easy cover freight train!

Pick 5: San Diego Chargers (-4.5) over OAKLAND RAIDERS
Can't believe this line is so low. Tyrell Pryor might start. But he's just a glorified fantasy star. Not someone that can beat even an average NFL team. Plus, these Chargers might be more than half decent. Well, at least on offense they are.


* FALCONS (-9.5) over Jets: Must win game for the Falcons at home against a rookie QB.

* PACKERS (-7) over Lions: Same logic as for the Falcons. And oh yeah, the Lions haven't won at Lambeau since 1991.

* Saints (PK) over BEARS: The Saints might in fact be the best team in teh NFC (sorry Seattle). We'll know in a few weeks.

* RAMS (-11.5) over Jaguars: I have to pick against the Jaguars. Even if it means I'm betting on Sam Bradford! Yikes!!!!

* Panthers (-2) over CARDINALS: Sneaky good Panthers. Watch out for them along with the Titans (when Locker is back) to be the sneaky good surprises this year.

Contest Record last week: 3-1-1 
Contest Record Year-to-date: 11-8-1

"ON THE BUBBLE" Record Year-to-date: 10-10