Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ron Paul Vs. Michael Moore (On Larry King Live)

Here's a clip of Congressman Ron Paul who was on Larry King Live last week. I believe he was called on the show to respond to some statement(s) from Michael Moore. Oh yeah, the very ultra-liberal hack who makes boatloads of his cash through the capitalist system of movie-making. I don't know why do people even take this guy seriously anyway??.

Ron Paul here touches a lot of topics starting with health care. He then talks about "Capitalism vs Corporatism", making his point that our economy is more Corporatist than Capitalist, and that is the root cause for a lot of problems we have today. He also touches on the following topics: lobbying's influence on legislation, our 1-party system, the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Wall Street's Capture of Washington, the Federal Reserve, bailouts, liberty and the forgotten Constitution.

If you watch the entire clip (about 10 minutes), you will realize how much common sense this man makes. Why isn't this guy not in main-stream politics is beyond me. Imagine a President who not only has the right ideas, but also the gonads to do what he believes in, least bothered of what his party or his opposition thinks.

Bites from the clip:
  • "We have lost our faith and confidence and understanding in how free markets work," he said. "We turned it upside-down by saying that any time corporations get benefits, we call it capitalism and freedom, and it's corporatism. It's the military industrial complex. It's all the special interests."
  • "This is where Michael Moore gets it all wrong. He believes diligently in free markets because he believes in the First Amendment. He believes in making films. He doesn't believe in prior restraints. So, why should he condemn capitalism? He's condemning corporatism. I condemn it too. Special privileges for corporations is a big problem."
  • "I think I complain about it as much as he does, but I think I understand it differently. When a country embarks on deficit financing and inflation-ism, you wipe out the middle class and wealth is transferred from the poor and middle class to the rich. When we get into trouble, the corporations -- once again, who are in control -- they come for their bailout and they get the benefits and the little people don't."

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