Thursday, November 12, 2009

NFL 2009: Week 10 picks

Bears (+3) at 49ers:
A short week for both the Bears and the 49ers playing the first thursday night game of hte season after opening night. Biggest storyline: Mike Singletary against the team he played for!! The Niners are on a 4 game losing streak. While the Bears are struggling on defense, especially their secondary. Good for them, the niners are not an explosive passing team. So they will be able to hang in the game in spite of Frank Gore. Also, the return of Tommy Harris (lucky not to be suspended by the league) will help shore up the Bears run defense. Still, I think its about time the niners won their first game since they signed Micheal Crabtree.
My Pick: 49ers

Bills (+6.5) at Titans
Trent Edwards will be back to start for the Bills. But TO is sidelined with a hip injury and is questionable for the game. The Titans, meanwhile, have had good play calling suitable for Vince Young to survive. Will their first round pick from 2006 sustain this level of play? Chris Johnson will more than help doing just that.
My Pick: Titans

Saints (-13.5) at Rams
The Saints would love to continue their win streak and the Rams will help more than hamper that trend.
My Pick: Saints

Bucs (+10) at Dolphins
The Bucs got their first win of the season. But no more Josh Freeman surprises up their sleeve to pull off another upset in a row. The Dolphins will play hard to try add some wins to try make the wild card.
My Pick: Dolphins

Lions (+16.5) at Vikings
Favre and the Vikings continue their bye week(s) playing the Lions at home.
My Pick: Vikings

Jaguars (+7) at Jets
The Jaguars have a bruiser in Maurice Jones Drew and need David Gerard to make just a few plays to keep themselves in games. But somehow, Gerard falls short more times than not. The Jets would love to take advantage of that and beat the Jaguars with the help of a power running game.
My Pick: Jets

Bengals (+7) at Steelers
The Steelers are playing very good football right now. And so are the Bengals. This AFC North rivalry game will be fierce and I think the home field advantage will tip this game in the favor of the Steelers.
My Pick: Steelers

Broncos (-3.5) at Redskins
The Broncos have fallen down to the ground. But with the Redskins this week, they have a respite.
My Pick: Broncos

Falcons (-1) at Panthers
The Falcons are running the ball great with Micheal Turner taking a lot of pressure off Matt Ryan. The Panthers too have discovered, what they should have known from the beginning, that they are a team built to run the ball. But, DeAngelo Williams is injured this week and with Jonathan Stewart already limited in play, the run game for the Panthers may be in jeopardy. I pick the Falcons as of now, but will change my pick if both Williams and Stewart are good to go at game time.
My Pick: Falcons (subject to change)

Chiefs (+1) at Raiders
My Pick: Raiders

Seahawks (+9) at Cardinals
The Cardinals are 4-0 on the road, and not so good at home. They get a NFC West rival at home this week, but the Seahawks have their own injury issues to deal with and shoudn't bother the Cardinals too much.
My Pick: Cardinals

Eagles (+1) at Chargers
The Eagles lost a close one to Dallas last week. And travel all the way across country to play the Chargers. And the Chargers beat the Giants last week with a last minute TD to win. Both teams will wantto improve their game execution from last week. But the second half of the season is when the Chargers always find their mojo.
My Pick: Chargers

Patriots (+3) at Colts
Easily the game of the week. Two of the most successful teams this decade pitted against one another. The Patriots are finding their feet just around now. While after a dominating start to the season, the Colts just scraped through their last 2 games. The game will boil down to the patriots defense, if they can contain Peyton and his offense. The Colts have all their money on Peyton, with not much support from a running game, nor a stout defense. Bill Belichik would have made note of this simple fact and put his mind on to a suitable game-plan.
My Pick: Patriots

Ravens (+10.5) at Browns
The Ravens are at 4-4, and look like a much better team than that. They shouldn't fall below .500 with a game against the Browns this week.
My Pick: Ravens

Cowboys (-3) at Packers
The Cowboys ascertained their supremacy in the NFC East with a win at Philly last week. Quite the opposite happened to the Packers. They dug themselves an even bigger hole for themselves in the wild card race, which is now definitely out of their hands. They will have to not only take care of business to stay in the race, but also hope for other teams to falter and help them. This game against the Cowboys is not a win or go-home thing, but it doesn't get much closer than this to a must-win situation. And the players understand it. In fact, Daryn Colledge of the Packers called for an offense players-only meeting this week and the guys spoke to each other about the current state of things and how they can work together to improve things. In short, they seem to have that sense of urgency, which was lacking against the Bucs last week. With the help of some better play-calling, the Packers might just pull off an upset here.
My Pick: Packers

Last Week: 10-3
Year to date: 91-38

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