Thursday, November 5, 2009

NFL 2009: Week 9 Picks

Here is all that I think that was relevant from Week 8.

On to my picks......

Redskins (+10) at Falcons
The Falcons have lost two in a row and will want to get back to winning ways to have any chance of catching up with the Saints in their division. Who better to play against than the Redskins to do that?
My Pick: Falcons

Cardinals (+3) at Bears
The Cardinals go into the Meadowlands and hand the Giants a loss one week. The very next week, they get thrashed by the Panthers at home. Go Figure! Maybe they got complacent. Add to it the revenge factor pumping up the Panthers for this game. I think the Cardinals will be better prepared this week and Kurt Warner has enough weapons to exploit the Bears secondary.
My Pick: Cardinals

Ravens (-3) at Bengals
This is probably the Game of the Week. Earlier this season, Bengals stole one from Baltimore with a game-winning final Carson Palmer drive. The Ravens would like to avenge that in Cincinnati, but evidently their defense isn't as good as it was touted to be. And the biggest surprise of all: Cedric Benson is starting to run amok.
My Pick: Bengals

Texans (+9) at Colts
The Colts just scraped through against the 49ers last week. Manning was missing his receivers by a whisker. The diligent worker that he is, I am sure he will correct it and make up for the TD-less game he had last week. The Texans will have a hard time keeping up especially with no Owen Daniels to throw to.
My Pick: Colts

Dolphins (+10.5) at Patriots
The Dolphins had a great game the last time they were in Foxboro. But things will be different this time. There's going to be no eliment of surprise with the wild-cat and the Patriots have Brady under center instead of Matt Cassell. Still, I think the Dolphins do cover the spread.
My Pick: Patriots

Chiefs (+6.5) at Jaguars
A potential blacked out game, with David Gad against the Larry Johnson-less Chiefs. Does it get more exciting?? (Oh yeah...sarcasm!!)
My Pick: (coin toss....coin spinning.... lands heads ..... so Jaguars it is!) Jaguars

Panthers (+13.5) at Saints
You have to wonder what took the Panthers so long to figure that they should run the ball far more and reduce the total number of plays coming of throws from Jake Delhomme. They seem to have figured it out, but will they sustain the plan or go back to their throwing ways after their win against the Cardinals. Well it probably won't matter either way this week against the Saints.
My Pick: Saints

Lions (+10) at Seahawks
The Seahawks are decimated by injuries and are in shambles this season. The Lions too are trying to get healthy and compete at a higher level. But it's going to be hard for the Lions to keep it close up in Seattle.
My Pick: Seahawks

Chargers (4.5) at Giants
The Giants are on a skid. Their secondary is exposed, and their QB suddenly does not look like a 90+ million dollar man. The Chargers, on the other hand are in a hole behind the Broncos in their division, but if history has taught us something about Norv Turner's Chargers, they will be stronger the second half. Also, Shawn Merriman seems to be finding his feet, which will greatly help the San Diego defense.
My Pick: Chargers

Titans (+4) at 49ers
The 49ers managed to keep the Colts in check and help Peyton Manning TD-less. The Titans finally got their first win of the season last week, thanks to Chris Johnson's strong showing against the Jaguars and some level-headed play by Vince Young. But, there is a reason why Young was kept hidden behind Terry Collins for over a year. And the niners will do a better job stopping the run than the Jaguars did.
My Pick: 49ers

Cowboys (+3) at Eagles
Another one of those NFC East grudge matches. Well, all NFC East match ups are grudge games. aren't they? The Eagles seem to have exploded on offense with their fast play makers drafted the last couple of years. The Cowboys meanwhile have discovered a gem in Miles Austin. Wouldn't surprise me if this game turns into a shoot out. But I have 2 reasons to pick the Eagles here: Eagles at home and Romo going four games without an INT will be unreal (he already has 3 without an INT)
My Pick: Eagles

Steelers (-3) at Broncos
The Steelers have been in close games almost every week. But of late, their defense has been showing up and taking over games. I think that will continue this week against the Broncos. Gone are the days when the Broncos were unexpectedly sneaking up on people.
My Pick: Steelers

Packers (+9.5) at Bucs
Who are these Packers?? They sure are talented and young, but are they a legit contender this season? They are yet to beat a team with a winning record this season. You cannot really hold that against them because the 3 games against winning teams were: 2 against the Vikings (who are the real deal) and the Bengals (who are pretty good too). They have another week where they should take care of business against a win less team and then face a relatively tougher schedule with Dallas and SF coming up next. Those two games are what can make or break any wild card hopes they have.
My Pick: Packers

Last Week: 9-4
Year to date: 81-35

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