Monday, October 4, 2010

NFL Power Rankings

Here are my ranking of NFL teams after one quarter of the season.
  1. Baltimore Ravens (3-1): Their only loss was against the Bengals. But that was a Sunday game after a short week following a Monday Night win vs the Jets in New Jersey. On top of that, them beating the Steelers (albeit a Big Ben less Steeler team) on the road was as impressive as it gets.
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1): The Steelers get Big Ben back. Even if he is not up to form, it will be a definite upgrade over the trio of QBs they tried the first 4 week. Scary eh?
  3. NY Jets (3-1): The Jets' only loss: The Ravens on opening week by 1 point. And the re-emergence of the old LT.
  4. New Orleans (3-1): The Saints have looked shaky on offense. But they should get back to rythm when all their injured players start coming back.
  5. Houston Texans (3-1): Their only loss was to the desperate Cowboys, after two inspired performances (beating the Colts and then beating the Redskins in OT)
  6. New England Patriots (3-1): Their secondary on defense is real suspect. But they just have so many weapons on offense that they can hang with anyone on offense. Their only loss: at Jets.
  7. Green Bay Packers (3-1): The Packers have had their moments. But, an undisciplined MNF performance brought them their only loss. There are questions about how their defense can fare against an above average offense. Also a shaky special teams unit does not help their cause.
  8. Atlanta Falcons (3-1): Their only loss was to the Steelers in OT. But on the flip side, they are a missed FG (by Saints) and a bone-head fumble (by Nate Clemens of the 49ers) away from being 1-3
  9. Chicago Bears (3-1): They are a tough team to gauge. They did beat up on the Cowboys. But, they should have lost to the Lions (but for that Calvin Johnson catch / non-catch) and pulled out a close one against the Packers (where the Packers played a sloppy game in epic proportions). And everyone witnessed their game vs the NY Giants.
  10. Indianapolis Colts (2-2): The Colts have trouble stopping the run. Sounds familiar? Only problem this time, they are not able to win games in spite of that.
  11. Kansas City Chiefs (3-0): The only undefeated team left. But, will that last past the Colts this week?
  12. San Diego Chargers (2-2): Typical Chargers with that slow sluggish start to the season...we might assume. But, time will tell.
  13. Miami Dolphins (2-2): They are a legit team. Too bad they are in the same division as the Jets and the Patriots. The two losses are against these teams at home. But we cannot count them out yet, as they are a better road team than people might realize.
  14. Denver Broncos (2-2): Kyle Orton averages 350+ yards a game. That Josh McDaniels can make QBs look great. Ask Matt Cassell.
  15. Tennessee Titans (2-2): Chris Johnson may have had a set back on his 2500+ yards for the season prediction. But he complements the very limited Vince Young... now only if the Titans Defense can hold the fort against other passing offenses.
  16. Washington Redskins (2-2): They have a legit defense. But, can they score enough on offense?
  17. Philadelphia Eagles (2-2): Can the O-line hold up? That is a bigger question for the Eagles than: Vick or Kolb?
  18. Dallas Cowboys (1-2): A desperate team won a game Week 3. Can they continue play desperate?
  19. Minnesota Vikings (1-2): The bye week may make Favre feel better. But it does not magically add receivers to the team.
  20. St. Louis Rams (2-2): Sam Bradford is fast becoming the best QB in the NFC West Division. That is, if he is not already.
  21. NY Giants (2-2): The Giants D seemed to wake up against the Bears. But they haven't looked great overall this season. Definitely not good enough for NFC East standards (which is not too high this year anyways).
  22. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2): At last, MJD showed up Week 4. Will he carry the team to a mediocre season as he always does?
  23. Cincinnati Bengals (2-2): The Bengals do have that impressive win against the Ravens. But, they could not take care of business against a win-less Browns team quarterbacked by none other than Seneca Wallace of all people.
  24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1): They have two wins against teams ranked lower than them in my rankings. But they do have potential to move up.
  25. Seattle Seahawks (2-2): They have a chance at clinching their division with just wins at home this season, where they seem to be real strong.
  26. Oakland Raiders (1-3): The Raiders play hard as they do every year, of late. They are always a tough out.
  27. Arizona Cardinals (2-2): The Cardinals might have two wins. But they are thrash! The move to Max Hall at QB might just be permanent.
  28. Cleveland Browns (1-3): The Browns managed to beat the Bengals to salvage at least one win.
  29. Detroit Lions (0-4): The Lions have played hard every game and were in every game (except the Vikings game). Yet, no wins to show for.
  30. San Francisco 49ers (0-4): The 49ers played close games against the Saints and Falcons, who are real good. At the same time, they got blown out by the Seahawks and the Chiefs. How weird is that?
  31. Carolina Panthers (0-4): Jimmy Claussen at QB!
  32. Buffalo Bills (0-4): Or worse, Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB!!!

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