Monday, September 14, 2009

US Open Mens Finals

Well only 2 of my predicted Semi-Finalists made it to the final four. But, with such depth in men's tennis these days, the only safe bets to predict the last four standing are Federer and Nadal. And that may not be for long. The Men's Finals is about to start in a couple of hours. It did not turn out to be the glamorous Fed-Rafaa finals matchup as many predicted. Its gonna be Federer vying for his record 6th consecutive US Open title against the kid from Argentina, Juan Martin Del Potro.

No doubt Federer is going to be prepared for the big game, as he always is. It will be interesting to see how ready will Del Potro be in his first ever grand slam finals. As I had already mentioned in one of my previous posts, I had high hopes for Del Potro, barely 20 yrs of age, in this tournament and with Murray out of the way, he made his way through Cilic and then the injured Rafaa to reach here. Now that Rafa is not in the finals, I am rooting for the Argentine to unseat the champ out of his throne. His fitness issues may not be a hindrance because of all the rain delays and the short match against Rafa, giving Juan enough rest for the biggest game of his life yet.

Juan has bursted out to the forefront ahead of schedule. His already exciting game has been improving all along, with a better serve now than a few months ago, and his already killer forehand is touted to have an upside (hard to imagine eh?). Even if he fails to beat Roger today, we will see a newer version of Del Potro next season, who will be a legit contender right from the start. So watch out you guys at the top, there's a new threat in the horizon in men's tennis. Its well known he has the talent to beat anyone in men's tennis, but today is his first test of mental strength. Ability is one thing, but to actually execute against Roger at the big stage is another thing. Hope he has a little bit of the Rafa fight inside him.


I know you possibly cannot pick against King Roger. But I'm willing to go out on a limb and pick Del Potro for the upset. The way I see it, Juan is not going to be an underdog for long. I am not gonna miss the chance to pick him as an underdog. But one thing I can be sure of, we are about to witness some fine artistry on the court by Federer and some sweet shot making from Del Potro.

My call: Del Potro beats Roger in 4 sets.

END OF GAME UPDATE:(6:20 pm PST) Well, I was off by a set ....... but i'll take credit. But seriously, what a display of strokes as well as mental resurgence from both players. I was more so impressed by Del Potro considering it was the biggest stage of his life yet and he was clearly shook up and stream-rolled by Federer till the middle of the 2nd set. And it was against Roger.....not too many people can come back from a deficit to beat him especially in a grand slam final. Rafa is the only one to beat Roger in a Grand Slam event the last 4-5 years. Welcome to the Big Boy's club of men's tennis Juan. And
Andy Murray needs take a lesson or two from Del Potro on composure at the big stage.

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