Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"The Fed has a little thing called a counterfeit machine." - Ron Paul

The following is an interview of Congressman Ron Paul, one of the few truly intelligent guys on Capitol Hill. Although he is officially a member of the Republican Party, he is a Libertarian in beliefs. Here he is on the Jon Stewart show to promote his new book. BTW ......looking forward to reading it.

In short, Ron Paul, like most Libertarians, including yours truly, believes in small government. In this interview he clearly articulates how the Federal Reserve is the biggest unidentified problem and how a free market system should actually work, with the government responsible for just what it's supposed to do - "govern" (and not compete in the market place).

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Also note how he handles the question about "evil" corporations vs "small guy" (a popular bogus left wing talking point). As he says, the government should protect people by enforcing the law written by elected politicians rather than those politicians becoming bureaucrats looting money from the people while in bed with corporate lobbyists. Instead, they choose to fool us common people misleading us in a debate about regulation Vs de-regulation.

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