Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NFL 2009: Week 13 Picks

Being hard-pressed for time this week, going straight to this week's Picks:

Jets (-3) at Bills
The kid from Harvard, Ryan Fitzpatrick had a great game and seems to be feeding TO his due to shut him up. But this week TO goes against Derrell Revis. If the Bills cannot stop the Jets run and as long as Sanchez of the Jets plays relatively mistake-free, Jets should take care of business.
My Pick: Jets

Rams (+9.5) at Bears
The Rams do not have Mark Bulger this week. With Boller at QB, Stephen Jackson has to carry this team on his shoulders. Not going to happen against the Bears run defense. And Cutler is due one INT-free game.
My Pick: Bears

Lions (+13) at Bengals
The Bengals have swept their division 6-0 and are going to the playoffs as long as they take care of business like this week against the Lions. No more Raiders-like slip ups for them.
My Pick: Bengals

Titans (+6.5) at Colts
The Colts might be 11-0, but there is no team coming into Week 13 hotter than the Vince Young led Titans. Both of them are on an incredible streak: The Colts are potentially looking at a possible undefeated season, while the Titans have not lost a game since starting the season 0-6. Something's got to give and I think the Titans will finally hold the Colts from coming back from that 4th quarter deficit. (The Colts have had a 4th Quarter deficit in their last 5 games)
My Pick: Titans

Broncos (-4.5) at Chiefs
The Broncos managed to get off their losing skid on Thanksgiving day and now face the Chiefs to get them on a win streak, even if its only 2 games.
My Pick: Broncos

Patriots (-5) at Dolphins
The Patriots were handed a beat down by the Saints and we know how they are going to respond. And its against their division rivals, if they needed more motivation.
My Pick: Patriots

Saints (-9.5) at Redskins
If at all there was any question about the 11-0 record of the Saints being legit, their whacking of the Pats just proved it. They have to be careful not to have a let down game this next couple of weeks, which happens a lot after such an emphatic win.
My Pick: Saints

Bucs (+6.5) at Panthers
The Panthers just don't learn from their mistakes. They are built to run and they still end up letting Jake Delhomme throw a whole bunch every game and he responds throwing a bunch of picks everytime. The Bucs have good corners and the Panthers need to run more than they throw to win this.
My Pick: Panthers

Texans (+1) at Jaguars
Can the Texans recover from that devastating meltdown to the Colts last week?
My Pick: Jaguars

Chargers (-13) at Browns
The Bolts are having a win streak of their own going on and the Browns are not going to do much to affect that.
My Pick: Chargers

Cowboys (-1) at Giants
The Cowboys may have lost only one game in their last six, but nothing about them seems to instill confidence in them. And its December, time for their yearly slide? I think not this year.
My Pick: Cowboys

49ers (+1) at Seahawks
The 49ers need a win here to stay alive for a chance to make the playoffs. Keeping Alex Smith in more spread formations will help.
My Pick: 49ers

Eagles (-5.5) at Atlanta
The Eagles may not have Westbrook and DeShawn Jackson this week. Falcons may not play Micheal Turner either. In spite of the injuries, the Eagles are a tough one to pull an upset over.
My Pick: Eagles

Raiders (+14.5) at Steelers
Steelers will probably have Big Ben back. And the Steelers defense will want to bounce back after their loss to the Ravens that put their playoff hopes in jeopardy.
My Pick: Steelers

Vikings (-5.5) at Cardinals
The Cardinals will have Kurt Warner back. But that does not give them enough to pull out one from the hat against these Vikings.
My Pick: Vikings

Ravens (+3) at Packers
The Ravens have a lot of weapons on offense, but their defense, although filled with big names, seems to be aging. Playing at Lambeau I like the Packers' chances to pull off a win here. But the Packers have to do the following to make it happen: (1) Don't get beat on special teams (2) Stop Ray Rice and the Ravens other running backs, which the Packers are most capable of (3) Pick up Blitzes, as the Ravens Blitz on typically abt 50% of the time.
My Pick: Packers

Last Week: 12-4
Year to date: 125-51

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