Thursday, October 15, 2009

NFL 2009: Week 6 Picks

Sorry, no Week 5 review this time. I reserve the right to take a bye week on review when the Packers have one :).

Week 6 Picks:

Texans (+4.5) at Bengals
Can Carson Palmer keep up his string of clutch throws and key 1st down conversion runs in close games to help the Bengals win? They hope, for a change, it does not get so close. The Texans on the other hand, managed to make a comeback against the Cardinals last week, till Schaub threw that pick-six and then the Texans couldn,y pound in a TD from the one yd line (with 3 possible attempts to do so). No way they come back from that downer to beat the Bengals.
My Pick: Bengals

Ravens (+3) at Vikings
Two heart breaking losses in a row for the Ravens. And in both losses, they were at the receiving end of some questionable penalty calls. I predict a change in fortune for the Ravens in that front. They will have to get their defense back in order though after Cedric Benson burnt them for 100+ yards last week. Adrian Peterson will have a tough time running and Favre might just slip a few to the opposite Jersey. Flacco has had a couple lousy weeks, but that also had something to do with the level of secondary he faced (NE and CIN). The Vikings are not that sharp in pass defense, which should help Flacco get back to winning ways.
My Pick: Ravens

Giants (+3.5) at Saints
This is probably the first formidable opponent the Giants are facing since the Eagles in January of last season's playoffs. The Giants are coming off a bye (thats what a date with the Raiders is these days) just like the Saints. The Saints' revamped defense is better than many people think. With Eli not a 100% yet, and Brandon Jacobs not his bruising self, the Saints might just pull this off at home.
My Pick: Saints

Browns (+14) at Steelers
Although the Browns are coming off a win, the way they did it in a 6-3 scrape-through against the Bills, is more of moral-loss than anything. The Steelers have made it a habit off giving away too many points in the 4th Q letting opponents back in the game. Not happening this week.
My Pick: Steelers

Panthers (-3) at Bucs
The Panthers finally are on the board with a win against the 'skins. But the Buccaneers are still ways from seeing their first W.
My Pick: Panthers

Chiefs (+6.5) at Redskins
Interesting catch by Peter King of SI: "When the Redskins take FedEx Field next Sunday against the Chiefs, it will be the sixth consecutive week they've played a winless team. The titanic schedule they've played thus far:
Week 1: vs. 0-0 Giants.
Week 2: vs. 0-1 Rams.
Week 3: vs. 0-2 Lions.
Week 4: vs. 0-3 Bucs.
Week 5: vs. 0-3 Panthers.
Week 6: vs. 0-5 Chiefs."
And after that mammoth schedule, the redskins are 2-3. Will they maybe start another streak of letting their opponents get their first win of the season? They let the Panthers have it last week (and the Lions in Week 3).
My Pick: Chiefs

Rams (+9.5) at Jaguars
After 5 weeks of play this season, I think the Rams are the prime candidate to take a shot at doing a "Lions" (going a 0-16) this season. But they do have their shots against teams like the Jaguars who can manhandle a good team like the Texans one week or fall meekly on their faces against a Seattle team another week.
My (nervous) Pick: Jaguars

Eagles (-14) at Raiders
Eagles should take care of their scrimmage session of practice (thanks Antonio Pierce) this week in the black hole.
My Pick: Eagles

Cardinals (+3) at Seahawks
Can the Seahawks again dominate on defense at home? They may not, but I see them having just enough to take out the Cardinals this week.Especially, after the Cardinals almost blew their 21-0 lead against hte Texans last week. Also NFC West teams always play hard against each other (except the Rams).
My Pick: Seahawks

Titans (+9.5) at Patriots
What a year for the Titans; 0-5 thus far. It could just get a tad bit worse, say like 0-6 after their face-off against the Patriots. The patriots have never loss consecutive games in like forever (since Week 15 and Week 16 losses in 2002fo the record). I do not see Brady and Belichik letting that streak break.
My Pick: Patriots

Bills (+9.5) at Jets
How south could the Bills go so fast? Not fast enough. And to think TO had nothing to do with it is rather surprising. Rex Ryan will make the Jets feel bad after their loss to MIA on Monday Night. They would feel so bad, that their D would want to take it out with big hits against the Bills.
My Pick: Jets

Bears (+3.5) at Falcons
The Falcons were very impressive against the Niners last Sunday (I was at the game). Matt Ryan was very impressive. His O line did give him a lot of time, but Ryan also made all the throws he had to. His main targets, White and Gonzales don't let him down on their routes either. With Micheal "the burner" Turner due a big game, the Bears would want to contain him first, which could open up the passing game of Atlanta. The Bears on the other hand finally seem to have a QB, (Broncos fans might be flustered by that statement), who takes care of the ball (except week 1 against the Packers) and makes late game comebacks (again except week 1 against the Packers). But I don't see that continue.
My Pick: Falcons

Broncos (+3.5) at Chargers
If the Broncos win this AFC West show down, they open u pa 3 and half game lead over the Chargers, which almost for sure seals the deal in the division. So it is a must-win for the Chargers. Ironically, I keep picking against the Broncos and they keep winning. Now, this streak should end and I predict it ends this week.
My Pick: Chargers

Lions (+13.5) at Packers
The Packers are coming off an eventful bye week, if that is ever possible. They needed to get healthy and fix their offensive line. Not only is Clifton healthy and ready to go, but they also signed Mark Tauscher to compete with Allen Barbre for the other Guard position. Tauscher didn't look sharp in practice, since he is rehabing from off=season surgery, but competition at any position is only going to help. Also, Bigby and Poppinga are healthy to play again. Especially Bigby's return is going to shore up the secondary. What better way to ease into the regular season after the bye week than play the Lions? Especially the pressure is off the O line as Aaron should have enough open receivers against the Lions secondary to get a whole bunch of completions without being pressured.
My Pick: Packers

Last Week: 9-5
Year to date: 55-21

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