Friday, August 28, 2009

Live Blogging from AT&T Park

I'm gonna give a shot at LIVE blogging from AT&T park from the Giants Vs Rockies game. We'll see how it works out. :)

The Giants are 7 games behind the dodgers and 3 games behind the Rockies in the wild card race. Good opportunity for the Giants to catch up on the Rockies especially when they have Lincecum and Cain slated to start for games 1 and 3. Lincecum aka "the freak" has been pitching great. But it doesn't seem to show up in his wins column this last month. That's bound to change for the better and hope it starts tonight. But he has a worthy opponent in Jimenez. We witnessed this same match up in a showdown last Sunday which went down the wire to end with a 2 run rockies win. The Giants would love to return the favor riding on their ace tonight. There are a few injury concerns for the giants though: Molina and Sandoval are questionable for tonight. Hopefully they are ready to start come game time.

7.50 pm: got here at the top of the 2nd. Its still scoreless after 2. But the giants had chances to knock in a run or 2 both innings. But to no vail. Timmy is pitchin good though. So fingers crossed. Injury update: sandoval is playin there's bound to be some offense.

8.10 pm: end of the 4th and its still scoreless. Feels like its gonna be a long night. Rockies had a couple of hits, but no damage so far.

9.05 pm: its the end of the 6th and the giants are up 2-0. The kung fu panda (Sandavol) took Jiminez deep for a HR in the 5th. Velez had a 2 out hit in the 6th to make 2-0. Lincecum has about 100 pitches through 6. Let's see how long he stays in.

9.20pm: Lincecum just pitched his 8th. That's shut out 8 innings. And Uribe just got a lead off triple. but giants fail to score. Its top of the 9th with 2-0 lead and Wilson is out to try get a save.

9.40pm: and that's the ball game :). Brian Wilson got the save without much drama. That's the 17th shutout of the season for the Giants. and Timmy "the freak" has his 13th win of the season...finally. The giants are now 2 games down on the wild card and gained a game over the dodgers. Hopefully they can keep this going and run down the rockies and who knows maybe the dodgers.

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