Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Not-so-Flash news: Brett Favre is back .......from retirement ........for the millionth time.... and now as a Viking.

This should not have been a surprise to anyone. With the drama queen it was always on the table albeit covertly. This post is not a tribute to the Favre's "greatness". Neither a venue to chastise the back-stabber. But to try guess what's in store for all concerned: Favre, the vikes, my beloved Packers and the NFL.

Who can blame Favre for taking this offer? And get paid over $12 million a year (maybe more with all performance incentives). He gets to straight away play in games mini training camp .... no living in dorms while training. He now has the chance to keep his consecutive games streak on. He can keep padding all his career stats like yards, TDs etc. (including the bad ones .... cough! cough! interceptions! cough! cough!) ..... and keep it far away from anybody's reach for the foreseeable future (waddup Peyton??). The last thing, and probably the most important in his head, is that he has the opportunity to avenge Ted Thompson and the Packers for "moving on". It would bitter sweet for him if the Vikings took the division and shut the packers out of the playoffs. Nothing would be more pleasing for Favre than to hoist that Lombardi Trophy and show Ted that the Packers made a mistake in letting Brett go. But in reality can this all happen is a whole different story. We will know as the season plays out. But this we can be sure of: Favre had every reason in the world to come back with the Vikes.

Now, what were the Vikes thinking? really ...... Vikes, what in the world were you thinking? They have a good defense and a great running back in Adrian "all day" Peterson. All they needed was a QB who would take care of the ball and manage the game without making mistakes. And who did they just land? A 40 yr old QB who dare I say is washed up. Yeah I know the saying.... you never bet against Brett Favre ..... as a Packer fan I know that feeling. Brett was prone to throw INTs even during his heyday, but then he could come back with a TD with his next throw. Does he have it in him now to repair his own damage? I do not think so. There is a reason why Green Bay needed to "move on". There is a reason why the Jets started 8-3 with Brett at the helm, but missed the playoffs. Guess the Vikings didn't get the memo: Brett is a 40 year old coming out of a 20+ INT season and a shoulder surgery!! Good Luck with that!

The NFL should be loving it. What more does the league want than 24x7 coverage of the league a month before the season starts? First it was the Vick story and now Brett. The NFL should be drooling at the thought of the spiked rating because the face of the league the past 2 decades is back at it again. We are going to see a lot of Purple and Yellow on national TV this year. The Green Bay - Minnesota game ratings are going to be off the charts. Whatever happens to the Vikings, there are going to be a whole bunch of people tuning in to watch Favre play.

One would things the Packers should be worried about the Vikes pick-up. I think it would be on the contrary. No doubt, they would have loved to face Taravis Jackson or Sage Rosenfelds instead of No.4, but the thought of Brett handling the ball is not going to cause sleeplessness to the Packers D. This year unlike last was not a distraction. Last year, the Brett to GB thing was still alive. This year he had nothing to do with the Packers and so they had no distractions pre-season due to the whole fiasco. The guys on defense also seem to be taking it the right way. For example this is what Nick Barnett (and other Packers) had to say (video):

Barnett: "Would I like to hit him? Hell yeah I'd like to hit him. All these damn practices out here and they didn't let us hit him. I want to get a nice little shot on you, Brett. I said it. Put it on the bulletin board."

If that's the attitude the Packers are having then I say: Bring it on!! Another positive thing out of this whole ordeal for the Packers is that all the focus in the NFC North will be on Cutler at Chicago and the new No.4 in Minn. The Packers would love to fly under the radar until they clinch the division. Remember the under the radar Packers team that went to the NFC Championship Game couple years ago. But for that INT by the old No. 4 they could have been in a super bowl. All I can say is it bodes well for them. The table is perfectly set. So lets roll!!

Go Packers!!

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