Monday, January 25, 2010

The Best of Coco!!

As a tribute to Conan O'Brien, here are some of his best moments at NBC. Most of them are from his Late Night show when he had way more freedom to add his crankiness to the show. His skits especially are extremely funny and to a certain extent are unscripted.

Conan takes shots at NBC

Conan's NBC tour

Conan goes to Bar tending school

Conan at the 2002 Winter Olympics

Classic Conan!!

A Conan Montage

Apartment Hunting

Super Mario Conan

Conando in "noches de pasion con senor o'brien"

Triumph - the insult comic dog

also check out triumph and Bon jovi

Conan Vs Colbert Vs Jon Stewart

more here

The Masturbating Bear

Pole Dance lesson

His interviews with Rebecca Romijn are always funny:

The Blizzard

The Transit strike

Conan's staff

Conan and Max get a beer

Bruno on Conan's show

Broadway Conan

This is just scratching the surface. Hope he is back on TV sooner than later. Go Coco!!


  1. Can you add the Conan stunt with Steven Ho when he goes flying through the burning window?

  2. Nice set of links dude....saves me the "search and play" time!