Friday, July 3, 2009

Wimbledon Finale!

Wow!! What can I say? ....time to eat my own words?? Although I subconciously knew any 2 of the four semi-finalists, I must admit, I didn't see Murray going down to Roddick.

On the face of it, looks like Federer is well on his way to no. 15. I have a feeling, it aint gonna be so easy. Roddick is playing some inspired tennis right now. To take out the local kid who kinda was my favorite to go all the way is no joke. He seems to be a different player than the young angry restless player who wanted to prove a point to people that he belonged in the big stage. But now, in his own words (paraphrased of course), he has reached a comfort level to his place in the tennis heirarchy. It may not seem to be a big deal. But it really is....think of all the pressure off his shoulders...albeit pressure he put on himself. He knows who he is, and you are not gonna see him trying too much on the court, trying to blow Federer off the court, which he has learnt the hard way is a futile strategy. He is gonna take his shots with that big forehand... but he isn't going to try too hard and give away too many unforced errors.

I probably lost my cred with my semi-final predictions. I'm gonna go main stream here and change my finals prediction (duh...I didn't even have the right 2 players). I am gonna go with the general consensus: Federer in 4 sets. But we might be sorry if we don't tune in. We could be in for a surprize!

UPDATE (July 7, 2009: after the finals): What an epic battle? I never thought any finals could top last years in terms on-court drama ..... i think this one just did. (Last years still is high up on off-court drama since it was Rafa vs Fed). I don't mean to gloat about this, but just as I had expected, Roddick showed up against Federer. The quality of tennis late into the 5th set is testament to the physical fitness of the 2 players ...... ridiculous! So now Fed has his 15th .... and hopefully Roddick can carry this form into the hard court season through to the US Open. And the debate about Federer's greatness (GOAT) still goes on ......

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