Friday, June 12, 2009

Numero Uno!!

Well, I'm finally doing it. And its only the beginning (hopefully).

I intend to keep this blog more like a commentary avenue for myself. Will be dealing with more opinionated posts about day-to-day events around the world and very little, if at all any, personal posts per se. Sports has always been a passion of mine and so it shouldn't surprise anyone that it would be the most dealt with subject around here. There is gonna be a whole lot of Green Bay Packers talk here (Oh Yeah!! Go Packers!!) with some bay area sports sprinkled in. And pretty much whatever the hell I want :).

I will probably throw in a tad bit of politics in here too, which I intend to be more at a policy / philosophical level for people like me as individuals, rather than the dirty partisan party-line talk you find in Washington (or any typical political blog). I sometimes have strong opinions and feelings about things that are taking place and how they would affect me in the near future and later too. I will use this blog to express them.

Rather unique combination eh? Sports + Politics!! Feel free to leave comments anytime. I would love to be pointed out if I am wrong or if something I write warrants a better explanation from me. Do keep in mind though that most of the posts are gonna be my opinions and I reserve the right to hold them (wink). Will also post interesting links to articles and sites that I find interesting out here for some learning / entertainment value.

Stay tuned.......

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